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A Keystone XL Valentine

Anything But Sludge
[Tune: Anything But Love  Words: Parodee]


You won't give us anything but sludge, baby.
It's the grime that you've got plenty of, baby.
Scheme awhile, it's so vile.
We're flying blind.
Such a mess, sure distress,
just to send it all to China.

Gee, you're really pumping all that swill, baby,
through those pipes until they overfill, baby.
Till they burst from all that overkill, baby,
'cross our heartland, everything is sludge!

[instrumental interlude]

Talking points and lobbying's your game, baby.
When it spills, just who will be to blame, baby?
Who will score jobs galore?
It won't be US!
As we feed corporate greed,
all the risk is ours to take, and,

If we build it we might just be stuck, baby.
If it blows we'll just be out of luck, baby.
With the wisdom of a hockey puck, baby,
You won't give us anything...
While your coffers go Cha-CHING...
You won't give us anything but sludge!!


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