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One of Those Songs
  [Tune: Same Name  Words: Parodee]



Oh no, it’s one of those songs - you know where you know when

You hear it again, and again, and AGAIN

International contests won’t bring a surprise

of numerous medleys about “Them There Eyes”-

“You Gotta Know” about “Pal of My (Old) Cradle Days”,

You fall in a stupor, you need to be tazed,

Repetitive songs make you just want to snore,

But they’re songs that will certainly score!


So we’ll hear more of these songs though we’d all like to snooze,

It seems that we’ve gotten the old “Jazz Me Blues”,

Oh “I’m All Alone” and Nobody Wants Me,

“Java Jive”, here am I:  “Brokenhearted” Ol’ Me…

“Once Upon A Time” was sung NOT so very long ago,

“At Last” is the new one in swing-time or slow,

Let’s pass by the “Bandstand in Old Central Park”,

If I hear it again, I might bark! (woof! Woof!)


When I hear one of those songs I think “What’ll I Do?”,

Just look to the “Blue Skies”, oh, nothing is new…

“How Deep is the Ocean?” I really don’t care,

My eyes are just glazing – I’m up in the air,

It’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” so “Come Fly With Me”

The old “Red Red Robin” is molting you see,

“If I Had My Way” I would limit the throngs of those

Of those often repeated, but never depleted,

When they’re singing one of those songs!


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