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There's No Business Like Trump Business

No Business Like Trump Business - Parodee
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There's no business like Trump business, the great con we all know
Everything about him is appalling, everything a sleazebag would allow
Everyone can feel the dollar falling, while you're stonewalling and disavow.
There's no people like Trump's people, their information is low,
Even though this turkey's lying to each face, they buy the bull and he wins the race,
Even when he proves to be a world disgrace, they're still loving his show!

The miner, mechanic, the builder, the clerk
frustrated,  they desert the status quo
They think this outsider will bring back the work
but the only job he brings to them is "snow".
They're angry and they buy into his lie , as those who know his tactics give a sigh...

There's no business like Trump's business, how could we sink so low?
Traveling the country always shilling, telling people what they want to hear
Hoodwinking the public that is willing,  whose rights he's killing, instilling fear.
There's no ego like Trump's ego, to feed it he sinks so low
Trading liberty for safety is no artful deal, no plan or substance with this schlemiel
He's just a Putin puppet with celeb appeal,
Let's shut down this Trump show, Let's shut down this Trump show!


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