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I Dreamed a Dream 

 [Tune: Same Name  Words: Parodee]




I dreamed a dream as time flew by,,
as Facebook came, my focus taken.
That my friends' birthdays all were nigh,
oh, would my greetings be forsaken?


I dreamed of postings I would spy,
succumbing to procrastination.
My contributions I could ply,
sucked in with sheer exasperation!


As the hours slipped away,
I had not been too productive-
for this Facebook has a way,
to pull us in- It's so seductive!


The hour is late and I must sleep,
The day is done, I've naught accomplished-
I'll stop this now, but talk is cheap,
and many times, this, I have promised.


and so it goes, I'm so ashamed,
with such resolve to change this drama.
For my behavior, who's to blame?
Mark Zuckerberg? Barack Obama?


I dreamed that I would be set free
from this vortex I'm drawn into.
My plans and schedule have been creamed
as Facebook killed the dream I dreamed!


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