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E-Mail Forward Blunderland
[Tune: Winter Wonderland  Words: Parodee]



E-mails fling, hoaxes listing,

Send to all, are you listening?

It’s mostly all bull, your eyes clothed in wool,

Trapped in e-mail forward blunderland!


Urban myth circulation,

sent with sheer desperation.

Must forward it NOW, “its true!” we avow,

Trapped in e-mail forward blunderland.


Every year we see the same old stories,

They’ve taken on a life that’s all their own,

As new folks swear by God or hope or glory,

“It’s from my trusted friend I’m not alone!”


Will it stop? It’s uncertain,

Bandwidth’s stuffed and it’s hurtin’

Please answer our hopes and always check SNOPES

Don’t go to e-mail forward blunderland!


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