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Stalking the Wild VATOBI - the High Cost of Low-Information

Gorillas in the Grist- Would Jane Goodall understand the habits of the VATOBI tribe, if she studied their actions? Would logic ever come into play? Can one evolve if their TV set is locked on Fox News alone? Thus, I feel compelled to begin an uneven series, studying the VATOBI tribe of the U.S. The VATBOI (Voters Against Their Own Best Interests) are found mainly in Red states, controlled ever increasingly by very Red state legislatures and Red federal representatives. The VATOBI are generally working class (diminishing middle-class) citizens whose needs and wants suprisingly align with Blue (Democratic) candidates and agenda, yet they mainly support the Red (Republican) candidates who have no real interest in the VATOBI's interests. The VATOBI need higher minimum wage, more affordable healthcare, expanded medicaid, strengthened infrastructure, cleaner environment, solid public education, safe and labeled food ingredients, and true constituent representation, yet they support (by their vote) tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate welfare above any public interests.

The mid-term elections had many VATOBI relinquish their right to vote while those who did vote, turned against themselves in remarkable fashion, blinded by the noise and clatter of non-issues, fear, and media hysteria. Although many voices reminded all to vote and the danger of the low mid-term turnouts, the mid-term election saw the high low in turnout.

We will watch now as those duly elected representatives either do their jobs or waste our time and money with more hysteria, accusation, and obstuction as seen in the past five years. We will watch, but we will not keep silent, as we seek to hold all elected to their public promises and we reach out to the VATOBI to become more involved in higher information voting in the future.

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