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Civility in the Age of Trump

Disagreeing posts and even agreeing posts somehow devolve into name-calling intolerance. Civility has left the building. There is a sense of disenfranchisement on both sides of the aisle and we'd best attempt to bring the civility of honest discourse back to the American scene as we may need each other sooner than we think. We can always find some common ground on which to focus our collective efforts instead of personally attacking each other.

I don't expect Trump's supporters to surrender to my views as I don't intend to surrender to theirs- BUT- I can only say to EVERYONE to restore respect, listen to each other, keep things civil and:

#FkEverything (That is Fact-checK EVERYTHING)

Accept nothing on its surface - witness the equally false quote memes on both Clinton & Trump. Tailor-made falsehoods to whet each side's whistle, keeping us divided, distracted, and squabbling while underlying forces seek to distract us all and act against everyone's best interests. #FollowTheMoney (on your politicians, on Wall St. & Corporate involvement) - #FollowTheVoting records of your Senators & Representatives at all levels (local, state, & federal). #FollowTheLegislation (How does it serve the PEOPLE (or not)). USE:,,,, (to name a few) and stop the spread of fake (and often incendiary) news, memes, and quotes. CHECK BEFORE YOU FORWARD. The betterment of our country and democracy is not one man's, 100 senators', 437 congressional representatives', or state & local representatives' jobs, It's OUR job - Keep them all honest and focused on the benefit of ALL Americans! #GetMoneyOut #GetInvolvementIn This is MY "Grown Up Christmas Wish".

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