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Uncivil Discourse - by Parodee

Oh what a can of worms we heave

when challenged on what we believe!

Opinons, strong, and passions rise

and turn away from compromise.

Discussions: heated. Tempers flare.

Defending plights for which we care.

But civil discourse must return

when talking points are causing burn.

Our very freedoms, earned by blood

are cast aside, fall with a thud.

As words are twisted, then inflamed

with peace resisted, pointed, blamed.

A post or picture sends a spark,

ignites a fire as comments bark.

Then soon thereafter, insults fly,

"I know you are, but what am I?"

This confrontation from debate,

a symptom of our nation's state

of choosing sides and standing ground

we're deaf to others' thoughts around.

To live and let live, once our goal,

Now endless battle takes its toll.

It seems we're trapped, to my chagrin.

Oh what a state of war we're in!


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